Show House 2018 Final weekend!

NM ASID wants go give a shout out for our members that are participating in the ShowHouse Santa Fe 2018.

Way to go! Larry Wilson, Levia O'Neill, Heather French, Buffy Kline, and Victoria Sanchez.

The Show House is a benefit for Dollars4Schools’ providing Santa Fe public-school teachers with a local web-based “helping-hand” in funding classroom programs. Dollars4Schools to date has funded nearly 700 programs - including 92 in the current 2017-18 school year.

This event gives local interior designers the opportunity to come together to share creativity and camaraderie while working to improve the quality of our children’s education. By pooling talents to create Show House Santa Fe this inspiring group of interior designers helps our schools and creates lasting beauty that benefits not just their clients but also the city at large.

Go check out the gorgeous designs and show support to "Dollars 4 Schools" and all of our members.